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Site2Site constructs app for fellow contractors

In 2013, newly graduated from the Accounting and Financial Management program at the University of Waterloo, Alex Snyder was ready for a job in the real world. After an interview for an accounting job at an oil company, he was informed it was between him and another candidate. When the interview was over, he thought he had it in the bag, only to find out they went with someone else; in doing so, it helped spawn a business.

When Alex asked for feedback, he learned the role went to the other candidate based on Alex’s answer to the interviewer’s question: “Where do you see yourself in 10 years?” His response was that he wanted to be somewhere in business development helping grow the company. The interviewer told him they were looking for an accountant, not someone to grow the business. With that, Alex came to realize that he was best suited to use his accounting and business acumen in a field where he could apply his knowledge in a variety of roles and maximize his impact – entrepreneurship.

Working at the family business, Snyder Construction, Alex and soon-to-be Co-founder Ryan Goessl worked together to design an app they could use internally to track paperwork. The Site2Site app provided everything the construction company needed, like time sheets, receipt documentation, job costing, and tools tracking. Over the course of development, Alex’s subcontractors learned about the app and wanted to implement it in their own businesses. With the validation that what they were doing was beneficial to their target market, Alex and Ryan brought their startup to the Velocity Garage for incubation while they built their business. Since entering the Garage, Site2Site has grown its suite of tools to include functionalities like employee scheduling, time tracking, and contract pricing.

Screen Shot of Site2Site app
Screenshot of the Site2Site construction app in use.

Although not working in the accounting field any longer, Alex credits his academic program with the way he runs his business today, in a methodical and calculated way. Reflecting on his life experiences, Alex believes school is important, but real life experience is valuable too.

“Some things you learn in life cannot be learned in the classroom, you have to experience it. Before you consider what you want to do in your life, think about what you can learn through experience alone.” – Alex Snyder, CEO of Site2Site

Site2Site is looking to conquer the American market after a recent expansion into Hawaii included a seamless implementation of their tool on sites across the islands. They aim to continue growing and open a new office in the US down the road. Before that happens, Site2Site is planning on expanding their feature set to benefit larger construction companies in addition to the smaller market their customer base currently represents. To keep up to date with Site2Site, follow them on Twitter.