Airo Health Team in the Velocity Garage

Track your health with Airo Health

The wearable tech market is exploding, with the number of connected wearable devices worldwide expected to jump from 325 million in 2016, to over 830 million by 2020. Airo Health‘s wearable health-tracking device takes a unique approach, tracking stress levels, as well as other indicators.

The startup aims to bring healthy living back into the lives of busy individuals, by giving them the tools to become more proactive and effective in maintaining their health. Their device accurately tracks a user’s health on a second-by-second basis. So how does it do this exactly?

Airo tracks stress levels through heart rate variability, exercise through movement, and sleep through observing the user’s circadian rhythm. In tandem with tracking these key health indicators, Airo Health also provides users with tools to act on the data it collects, like alerting you when your stress levels rise, and providing stress coping strategies, or waking you up at the optimum time in your sleep cycle so you feel well rested.

To tackle the complex hardware, software, and artificial intelligence involved in making this health tracking device a reality, each member of the team comes from a different technical background, including co-founders Naman Kumar and Maryam Jahed. Naman and Maryam are both University of Waterloo alumni; Naman is a Computer Engineering graduate, and Maryam has a double degree in Electrical Engineering and Sociology. In the spring of 2012, their team entered the Velocity Garage to gain support and mentorship. After 5 years spent working in the Garage alongside many high-performing startups, Airo Health is moving into its own office. At their recent exit celebration, the company announced a six-figure sale to a researcher, and rang the famous Velocity sales gong for sales of that magnitude.

Airo Health celebrating a huge sale and their launch from the Velocity Garage! 🎊 #kwawesome #saleslife #startup #entrepreneurship @airohealth

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Naman and Maryam credit all of Airo Health’s success to their stellar team. Upon their launch from the Velocity Garage, they will be moving upstairs in the Tannery building to Communitech to focus on selling and developing their product, and continue to build out dreams for the future:

“We are going to be the company that that worries about your health so you don’t have to. It will track what doctors would, as well as how much you slept, how much you ate, and how much you work out – and it will be personalized doctor for each user.
– Naman Kumar, Co-founder, Airo Health

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