Computer running ApplyBoard platform

ApplyBoard expands internationally and partners with over 400 institutions

When Martin and Meti Basiri decided to come to Canada for university and college, they came to realize how hard it is for international students to apply for school. Not knowing what visas were needed, the scholarships that were available, or the cost of living in a new country, all became barriers to submitting their applications. The brothers decided to create ApplyBoard to make applying easier, more efficient, and accessible.

ApplyBoard streamlines postsecondary applications for international students who desire to study in North America. After answering a brief set of questions and making a free online profile, prospective students are able to search through programs at numerous schools based on their desired course of study, academic background, and financial situation. Students are able to apply after paying only the application fee to the school, with ApplyBoard helping to start the visa process if needed. Their team includes international experts speaking more than a dozen languages including English, Spanish, Farsi, Mandarin, Hindi, and Arabic, and help make the application process quick, easy, and understandable.

Students from 80+ countries have shown there’s demand for the service ApplyBoard provides. The startup continues to grow their partnerships with over 400 institutions and has helped more than 2,500 students across the world successfully apply to schools.

The company which once called the Velocity Garage home has since obtained their own space in downtown Kitchener at 30 Duke Street West, and have also expanded operations into China with a team of six to broaden their sales and marketing.

ApplyBoard office
ApplyBoard office space in downtown Kitchener at 30 Duke Street West.

As the company has grown, the team realized their opportunity is larger than originally thought. In addition to helping international students apply to schools using their platform, they are now working on building apps and software for the schools themselves to ease the entire application process for all students.