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Find your files effortlessly through Diamond.io

Desmond Choi began his entrepreneurial journey in 2013 while living in the Velocity Residence. It was there that he began his first project: SparkGig, an online community for hiring performers. After winning $25K in funding at the Velocity Fund Finals in 2014, Desmond and his team moved into the Velocity Garage startup incubator where he became fast friends with founders from fellow incubated companies. Wanting a fresh challenge, Desmond decided to leave his current venture behind to join Diamond.

Diamond is a personal system that connects all your accounts, bringing together all data seamlessly.

“There Is an abundance of data and information that users have to process when they have multiple cloud services like Dropbox and Google Drive, local files, and different email accounts. They need to remember where things are, and if they don’t, it takes a lot of time to search for them.”- Desmond Choi, Head of Growth of Diamond.io

Whether it’s an online file, email, or PDF, Diamond.io will sift through it all and connect you with what you’re looking for. The company began when the co-founders recognized that the current ways of structuring folders, files, and bookmarks just didn’t cut it anymore. That the continuous influx of email attachments, photos, and downloads to devices was quickly increasing the need for a better system.

Using Diamond.io, it doesn’t store your thousands of files, so there is no size restriction. And by mapping out your files and applications, it gets smarter every day, helping you find what you need more quickly each time. Simply by pressing ‘Control + Space’, you can use Diamond.io anywhere, anytime.

This past March, the startup raised over $2 million in funding led by Palantir Co-founder, Joe Lonsdale of 8VC. And most recently, Diamond.io was recognized as an Innovative Startup at the Kairos Global Summit, and presented their product at the New York Stock Exchange, receiving feedback and insights from top VCs. Based in San Mateo, California, over the last six months Diamond.io has grown their user base of professionals, students, and designers exponentially, and have opened up beta testing signups for Mac users. They are continuing to improve their algorithms to index and provide search results quickly and effectively.

Is this a product you would use to manage your personal data? If so, sign up for early access to Diamond.io. They are also currently hiring for 20+ positions.