ShiftRide Co-founders

ShiftRide launches their car-sharing service on the iOS App Store

23 million registered vehicles in Canada are idle 95% of the time, and Velocity startup ShiftRide wants to use this lost opportunity to change the current model of car-sharing. Their app gives users driving access to cars that would normally be parked, renting them out for hours at a time, or for as little as ten minutes. Users don’t have to pay for gas, and once their trip is finished, the user simply returns the car to the same spot they found it.

The founders Mohsen Mohsenpour, Nima Tahami, and Deepak Parpyani believe their service is ideal for students and young professionals who can’t afford to own a car, but still, want the convenience of one, and car owners who want to make money on the side. The ShiftRide app officially launched on the iOS App Store on November 22, providing Waterloo students and residents with access, and $10 off their first trip.

ShiftRide demo
ShiftRide iOS App

The founders acknowledge that user trust is a big challenge they face, but are confident that the layers they’ve put in place to protect car owners will help. For instance, when it comes to insurance, ShiftRide spent time with Canadian insurance companies developing a new policy which doesn’t affect the car owner’s insurance. If a car owner was fined a speeding ticket that wasn’t theirs, ShiftRide’s policy would reimburse the owner completely. ShiftRide cars are also regularly maintained and meet safety requirements. Finally, there will be a rating system within the app, meaning both car owners and users must keep a high rating to continue using the service.

To try out ShiftRide in Waterloo Region, download their app.