Suncayr working in Velocity Science

Velocity Science helps break barriers for student-run startups

It’s safe to say that there’s no shortage of innovation in Waterloo Region, however, advancements in science come at a much higher cost than say, software. The prohibitive cost of equipment and lab space is often a bottleneck for early-stage science startups, preventing key experiments and tests from being run. Velocity Science is a partnership with the Faculty of Science, and has grown considerably since launch in 2013, to make more eureka moments possible for University of Waterloo students.

The program provides students with the resources to create and develop premiere science startups, giving them access to a fully stocked lab, basic consumables, and specialized equipment. Teams also have access to knowledgeable advisors in both science and business, providing them mentorship as they grow. The lab is home to many nanotech and medtech companies including Arylla, PolyGone, and Intelline, which each help to sustain a supportive community of entrepreneurs.

“Velocity Science students constantly support each other. Their dedication inspires faculty, staff, industry leaders and government officials to help these companies achieve their goals.” – Jessica O’Connor, Science Coordinator, Velocity

Velocity Science is helping Arylla as they develop a secure nano ink technology to combat fraud, PolyGone as they develop a fine filter polymer laundry sheet to prevent microfiber waste from polluting water systems, and Intelline as they develop a low cost, high spectrum cryocooling technology. Do you have an idea for a science startup that you want to develop? Learn more about the Velocity Science program and the application process.

With the goal of reaching more students across the University of Waterloo campus who might not have startup ideas yet, coming up is a Velocity Science Brainstorming workshop on Tuesday, November 21. Hosted in Velocity Start (2nd floor of South Campus Hall), the event is open to any graduate or undergraduate student interested in building a science startup. The brainstorming exercises will be led by Harry Gandhi, Co-founder of Medella Health, an alumnus company developing the next generation of bio-sensors and electronics that can help people monitor their health. Registration is open for this event and will guarantee your spot and free pizza.