Students working on a project together

Velocity Residence expands through partnership with Waterloo Residences

This year on our tenth anniversary we’ve spent a lot of time reflecting on our history and dreaming up our future. Since 2008, we have provided a unique opportunity for students to live in an entrepreneurial environment right on campus through the Velocity Residence. It started as an experiment to see what would happen if 70 students lived together and worked on projects they were passionate about. Beginning Winter 2019, you will see an evolution of our original program scaled across the entire Waterloo Residences portfolio. This means the best inspiration, information, and guidance for entrepreneurs will be available to any student living in residence. 

We’ve taken a page out of the very advice we give students and startups, to be nimble and evaluate the most impactful things we can do given current landscapes and the state of the world. Feuling our expansion was the pursuit of problems, ideas, and solutions of global importance that companies can be built around. We want to continue our efforts in building a robust entrepreneurial pipeline on campus by engaging the entire community, this includes appealing to more women, faculties, and graduate students

The expansion is in collaboration with WERC (Waterloo Entrepreneurship Residence Connection), which is a community with mentors, resources, and events to help students grow their entrepreneurial skills and meet like-minded individuals. A sample of upcoming programming includes:

Access to people and companies that can help students grow and take their ideas to the next level:

  • EIRs (Entrepreneurs in Residence)
  • Dinners with startup founders and industry leaders

The opportunity to collaborate with like-minded students from a variety of faculties and programs:

  • Community building socials with students across campus

Events and workshops to help students find teams and a project or business to work on:

  • Interest-based workshops
  • Themed meet-ups on a diverse range of topics

To get involved, students need to simply opt-in for communications about upcoming events and programming. We will be holding events with WERC in a variety of common areas to keep it accessible for all residents (MH, V1, REV, CMH, MKV, UWP, and CLV). Going forward, the Minota Hagey Residence (MH) will not be dedicated to only Velocity students, instead, it will be an exclusive upper-year only community.

We are very excited about these changes and the impact they can have in allowing any student in residence to tackle their entrepreneurial ambition. The evolution continues!