Announcing the $25K finalists for the 23rd Velocity Fund Finals (Fall 2018) competition

Velocity is pleased to announce this season’s 10 finalists for Velocity Fund $25K competition. Each will have a chance win to one of four $25,000 prizes on Tuesday, November 27 at the Velocity Fund Finals.

Brink Bionics
Brink Bionics is developing bionic arms with machine learning that integrate with the human body and provide amputees with a more intuitive experience.

CataLight is making safe drinking water accessible for all by developing a new kind of water treatment solution.

Glove Systems
Glove Systems is modernizing complex fabrication through software that uses advanced 3D imaging algorithms to help pipe fitters do their jobs better.

Intelline designs and manufactures affordable and scalable cryocoolers, enabling the widespread commercial use of superconductor-based technologies.

Membio is developing the first truly scalable biological manufacturing platform.

Pulse Industrial
Pulse Industrial is developing a smart monitoring system for steam traps to improve safety and reduce CO2 emissions.

Recycl3D Planet
Recycl3D Planet uses patented technologies to turn water bottles into 3D printing filaments that outperform virgin plastic and conduct electricity.

RentHero is an AI-based real estate agent designed to help renters find homes.

Soft Transport BioSystem
Soft Transport BioSystem is developing synthetic viruses to deliver nucleic acids for in vivo targeted gene therapies and molecular biology applications.

Sundays in the Park
Sundays in the Park is building fashion-forward heated outerwear using flexible nano-materials for people living in urban cities.

Make sure to come out to the Velocity Fund Finals on November 27 to watch awesome startups pitch for $130,000 in funding. The $5K competition will kick off the day at 11:00am, and the $25K competition will start at 1:00pm. Audience members will have the chance to win a pair of Beats headphones or a Bluetooth speaker. Register to attend or join in via live stream!

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