Catching up with 2018 Velocity Fund Finals $5K winner: PriveHealth

Last November, PriveHealth pitched and won $5,ooo at the 23rd Velocity Fund Finals (VFF). PriveHealth is a gamified cybersecurity training platform for healthcare professionals. 

We caught up with Lichen Zhang, founder of PriveHealth, for a post-VFF update.



Q. How has your company developed since winning VFF?

Lichen Zhang: Since VFF, we’ve grown to a team of four!

Q. What is your company currently working on? 

Our $5K prize has been put towards content development and legal fees, as well as small compensations as a gesture of appreciation for the several hours that healthcare workers have offered to interview with us. We’re trying to be as lean as possible by doing as much as we can on our own or by using free services. Following graduation, I’ll be working on PriveHealth full-time at the Velocity Garage and overseeing two pilots.

Q. Since your win at VFF, what has been your team’s most exciting moment?

Following our win, we met with several healthcare and security professionals to gain greater insight into an industry that’s becoming increasingly data-driven. The best moments were speaking to industry experts and getting them just as excited as we are about the idea and product.

Q. Do you have any major accomplishments that you want to share? What’s next for your team?

Our next steps are finding talented teammates who share the same vision as us and have complementing skills to bring our product to life. We’re also working towards securing two pilot projects with local healthcare organizations.

Q. What do you enjoy most about building a startup?

The sense of mission and adventure. I love that there’s no set path in building a startup and most problems we encounter are open-ended, so creative thinking is critical. Being able to work on something I care so deeply about, and with people I have so much respect for, makes the journey that much more worthwhile.

Q. What did you like most about competing at VFF?

Following VFF, we got significant interest from students, community members, and the industry, which was amazing. Learning to pitch is something I’ve actually spent a long time practicing and so competing in and successfully delivering the $5K pitch was also a personal achievement. I learned that for me, the key to overcoming my nerves is just to be passionate and confident in what I’m presenting. The days preceding VFF, I had pitched to so many people so many times that having them come out to support us made it even more exciting.

Did you miss PriveHealth’s pitch? Watch it on YouTube.

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This interview has been lightly edited for clarity.