Announcing the 10 finalists for Velocity Fund Pitch Competition – September 2019

Velocity is pleased to announce the top 10 finalists for the September 2019 edition of the Velocity Fund Pitch Competition! Each early-stage startup will have a chance to win a $50K investment from the Velocity Fund on Thursday, September 19. The event will be held in downtown Toronto and is now sold out.

Audesse. For municipal bus authorities who run diesel, gas, or CNG bus fleets, Audesse has built a 5G compatible ECU – The Aetherbox – that reduces greenhouse gases and operating costs through limiting idling.

Caravan. Caravan helps people find their perfect online reading buddies and book clubs.

NXT Farm. NXT Farm provides key satellite imagery, data, and industry-first algorithms to help growers maximize yields and minimize inputs.

IntelliCulture. IntelliCulture’s mission is to make farming more profitable through intelligent data analytics.

Maple Precision. Maple Precision is building an online mapping platform, similar to Google Earth, but with millions of geographic data sets that city builders rely on.

SquidBio. SquidBio is building a benchtop enzymatic DNA synthesis device that allows researchers to eliminate current wait times associated with ordering synthesized DNA.

Stacktronic. Stacktronic is developing a rapidly scalable, modular battery platform that simplifies and expedites the design process for electric powertrains, allowing any vehicle, of any size and production volume, to be battery-powered in an instant.

Trajekt Sports. Trajekt Sports is revolutionizing baseball batter training.

Watermine Innovation. Watermine Innovation uses a proprietary machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithm to design better drugs more efficiently.

Watfly. Watfly provides urban air commuting.

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