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Introducing Concept, imagined by Velocity

We are launching our campus program Concept today. The program will exclusively support students and the University of Waterloo community. Concept will have its own dedicated team, new initiatives, and supports that will better prepare the community for an increasingly competitive and entrepreneurial world.

Entrepreneurship support at the University of Waterloo just got even stronger.


Velocity was conceived over a decade ago as an on-campus experiment—Velocity Residence—which took a bet on students’ capacity to innovate.

Since then, Velocity has grown and evolved into a portfolio of programs that move the needle for entrepreneurship on campus, in the Region of Waterloo, and across Canada. It has evolved from an organization that focused exclusively on supporting students with entrepreneurial curiosities on campus, to one that also helps hundreds of startups in our incubator in downtown Kitchener—to discover, build, and grow.

Above is an excerpt of our official blog introducing Concept. To read the rest of this blog, please go here.