About the Velocity program

What would happen if we took the University of Waterloo’s brightest students and gave them access to a learning-focused community of mentors and like-minded peers, the latest equipment, and the resources to turn their business ideas into successful startups? What better place to build such a unique community than University of Waterloo, which Maclean’s Magazine has named “Canada’s most innovative university” 21 years running.

With these questions in mind, the University of Waterloo’s Velocity program was born. Drawing on the Region of Waterloo’s thriving startup community and the University of Waterloo’s most ambitious, entrepreneurial students, Velocity’s first program — the Velocity Residence — was created in 2008. In the years since, Velocity has grown into a set of six interlinked entrepreneurial initiatives: Velocity Residence, Velocity Garage, Velocity Alpha, Velocity Science, Velocity Foundry and the Velocity Fund Finals (VFF).

Each of these unique initiatives supports Velocity’s vision of developing an engaging community that fosters creativity and entrepreneurship while turning students’ ideas into sustainable businesses. They also form the perfect complement to the environment at uWaterloo — a university that holds entrepreneurship as one of its key pillars — by equipping students with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate the entrepreneurial space, supporting knowledge sharing among peers, providing access to a diverse network of mentors, and allowing students to maintain ownership of their intellectual property.

Velocity’s commitment to education, idea sharing and the creation of support systems has allowed it to become a highly successful startup community, which contributed to the success of companies like Kik, Thalmic Labs, BufferBox, Vidyard and MappedIn.

Mike Kirkup


Mike Kirkup is Director at Velocity, the University of Waterloo’s startup incubator. Mike joined the Velocity team in 2012 to help foster entrepreneurship throughout the University of Waterloo and the startup community of Kitchener-Waterloo. During his time at Velocity, he has mentored such startup successes as BufferBox, MappedIn and Thalmic Labs, to name a few.

Mike understands both the creative and commercial paths to building successful businesses. For over a decade, he mentored hundreds of startups focused on developing mobile applications. His approachable demeanor and deep understanding of entrepreneurial culture has made him a notable influencer across the Velocity community, Kitchener-Waterloo.

As a student, Mike spent several years at the University of Waterloo, completing an undergraduate degree in Math and a Masters in Management of Technology.

+ 1 226 338 4046

Nancy Heide

Manager, Operations

As our Operations Manager, Nancy makes sure everything at Velocity runs smoothly. Immersed in an energetic atmosphere, she finds it inspiring to be around passionate students who are working hard to make their entrepreneurship dreams a reality. To her, success means finding your passion; something Velocity students do every day. Nancy has been part of Waterloo for 20 years, both as a student and a staff member in Development & Alumni Affairs, Communications & Public Affairs and Marketing & Undergraduate Recruitment.

+ 1 519 404 5596

Peter Heuss

Manager, Velocity Foundry

Peter provides design, manufacturing, and process support to companies involved with the brand new Foundry program. Gained from a long and diverse career in mechanical engineering and manufacturing, Peter specializes in supporting the teams with the expertise needed to develop physical product. Peter’s favourite thing about Velocity is working with the incredible array of companies and entrepreneurs involved with the program. He is incredibly happy to be able to share everything he has done in his career to help teams develop their ideas. Their intelligence, enthusiasm, and spirit is awe inspiring to see and keeps Peter’s love of engineering alive.

+1 905-467-7446

Wes Worsfold

Manager, Velocity Garage

Wes is overseer and uber coach at Velocity Garage, a startup incubation space focused on building great software companies from concept to commercialization.

His career in tech has spanned a number of sectors, including automotive, financial services, education, government, insurance, social entrepreneurship, and not-for–profits, to name a few. In the category of software and mobile app development, he has built solutions for notables like AutoTrader, Equitable Life, ING Direct, Yellow Pages, the WWE, and a number of startups. He has run several student and youth venture capital programs complete with coaching and training. He has even founded and operated several technology companies of his own in Kitchener-Waterloo, including his latest startup, BitBakery, which he continues to oversee alongside his full-time responsibilities at Velocity.

+ 1 519 895 6174

Hope McCallum

Manager, Marketing & Communications

Hope has always had an entrepreneurial spirit and enthusiasm for taking on any challenge. Hope has also started her own marketing firm, Bee2Bee. She brings over ten years of marketing experience to Velocity, having started with one of the top smartphone manufacturers globally. She has been a Director at one of the top ranked marketing agencies in Chicago and completed her MBA. The ability to choose the best professionals in the industry to support her business endeavours as well as her experience partnering with various clients has motivated her to continue her dream.

+ 1 519 590 9011

Erika Ellacott

Manager, Velocity Programs

As manager of Velocity Programs, Erika enjoys planning and attending all sorts of events, from dinners to Velocity Fund Finals! In fact, as a fourth year French & Business student at University of Waterloo, she spent 8 months studying in France, planning her travels to neighbouring countries, and to various cafés for coffee and baked goods. Erika also loves to bake, often sending emails around the Garage to spread the word on delicious treats at her desk. Erika’s favourite thing about working at Velocity is meeting tons of new people and hearing about innovative startup ideas!

+1 519 573 1799

Marc Gibson

Director of Research Initiatives & Entrepreneurship , Faculty of Science

As the Faculty of Science’s Director for Research Initiatives & Entrepreneurship, Marc is responsible for the operation of the Velocity Science lab. Marc is a proud alumnus of the University of Waterloo’s Honours Biochemistry program and is a former researcher who holds a Master’s degree in Drug Design & Biomedical Science from Edinburgh Napier University and a PhD from the University of Dundee, Scotland, where he investigated chemotherapies for African sleeping sickness, a neglected disease found throughout sub-Saharan Africa. Prior to joining the Faculty of Science, Marc worked as a business developer with Mitacs and he is currently completing his MBA.

519-888-4567 ext. 32089

Alyana Versolatto

Marketing Assistant, Velocity

Alyana is the Marketing Assistant for Velocity, and as such updates social media daily, writes blog posts, sends out the weekly updates, photographs events and does whatever else is needed. Alyana is in her third year at the University of Waterloo and is in the Arts and Business program, majoring in Fine Arts with a specialization in Digital Arts Communication. She loves the social and exciting environment of Velocity and is eager to learn and experience everything about the program while on co-op. Alyana is a foodie, with a fondness for deals, and loves to read in her spare time.

+1 226-339-8109

Shirley Luu

Programs Assistant, Velocity

As Programs Assistant, Shirley is very involved in the behind-the-scenes event planning at Velocity. She helps out with weekly workshops, dinners, the Velocity Fund Finals and a whole bunch of other fun stuff.Shirley is in her third year at the University of Waterloo studying Legal Studies and Business, with a specialization in Global Engagement. She loves to travel, and is super excited about her trip to Israel this August. In her spare time she likes to cook, bake and do her nails.

+1 226-220-7257

Bram Koch

Facilities Assistant, Velocity

Bram is the Facilities Assistant at the Velocity Garage and is tasked with aiding the teams within the facility. He facilitates the entrance process of entering companies, and serves as a important cog in the well-oiled machine that is Velocity. He just finished with 3A term in Arts and Business at the University of Waterloo. In his spare time he enjoys reading, playing rugby, and exploring the world around him.

+1 226-220-8037