Velocity Garage

The Velocity Garage houses University of Waterloo students and alumni who need free space and mentoring to kickstart their companies. Join other companies building successful startups to learn, collaborate and innovate.

Interested in applying for the Garage?

Work in an awesome free space with a great atmosphere full of startup life.

Here’s what you need to get in:

1. Team

Each team must have at least one co-founder who is a current uWaterloo student or alumnus.
Teams will be evaluated based on their background, skill, and ability to work effectively together.
The team should have 10 people or less.

2. Revenue

We want to provide space to companies who are unable to afford it, so your startup should be generating less than $250,000 in annual revenue.

3. Contribution to the Startup Community

We want to encourage a grassroots community that helps each other, mentors startups and contributes to the broader startup ecosystem in the Waterloo region. You have to be willing to take part!

4. Progress

Startups will meet regularly with the Velocity team to provide an update on the current state of their business. Teams will be expected to make progress towards self-created objectives monthly to ensure they’re using their time and the space effectively.

5. Business Concept and Opportunity

Teams will be asked to provide an overview of their business concept including the problem(s) their startup solves, their potential target market(s) and an understanding of the market opportunity.

We recognize that ideas and projects develop substantially over time. If you’ve applied and did not get in on your first attempt, we encourage you to apply again using the same process.

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The Velocity Garage houses University of Waterloo students and alumni who need free space and mentoring to kickstart their companies.


Founder(s): Phil Jacobson, Garrett Gottlieb

PumpUp is a mobile fitness coaching platform that combines personalization, guidance, and community into an engaging experience with you anytime, anywhere. It’s the best way to get active, stay motivated, and see great results.



Founder(s): Ross Robinson, Gareth MacLeod, Trevor Creech

TinkerCoin creates a fast and easy way to buy Bitcoin digital currency online. Tinkercoin turns a multi-day process into a 10-minute checkout.



Founder(s): Andrew Cross, Matt Rae

Tripzaar is building the go-to mobile app for travel. By combining curated lists from experts with algorithmic recommendations, we help you find the hidden gems that only the locals know about. Tripzaar is all about finding the best places, not just the closest.


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Founder(s): Maxwell Brodie, Edward Sun, Jason Wang

Kaizena is an online platform focused on student skills improvement by empowering teachers to give highly targeted, personalized, actionable feedback. To address specific areas for improvement, a teacher highlights the relevant area of the student’s work, then records a voice comment, adds a text comment, and/or attaches a link to any online resource (such as a mini lesson, video or educational game). Kaizena is poised to be at the forefront of education’s transition from paper to digital and is available today and works with Google Drive and other cloud-based services.



Founders: Brian Stewart, Charles Desouza

MetricWire is an online platform that accelerates groundbreaking research by enabling academic researchers to easily crowdsource intensive longitudinal data via the smartphone without having to commit to the upfront cost of custom-building a research app. Current customers include researchers from Waterloo, Laurier, and Stanford.


Founder(s): Tobiasz Dankiewicz, Michal Martyniak

Provides free, easy and up-to-date access to your local retailers’ flyers, all in one place, directly on your mobile phone, tablet and computer. Reebee includes features that are not a part of traditional printed media; anyone can clip flyers and add their favourite products to an easily accessible organized shopping list.



Founder(s): Beth Nenniger, Laura Austin

DraftingSPACE is an automated floor plan generation tool for use in the industries of architecture, interior design, and home staging.



Founder(s): Jim Robeson, Adam Saunders

PiinPoint is an online solution that helps businesses make better and faster decisions when identifying new store locations.


Founder(s): Desmond Choi, Samuel Yan

Sparkgig is an online marketplace for local music performers to connect with event opportunities. Marketplaces launching for Kitchener-Waterloo and Toronto later this year.


Founder(s): Douglas Lusted, Ashok Patel, Vlad Pisanov

WestonExpressions is digital advertisement company going beyond the limits of out of home advertising and digital signage. Using cutting edge technology, WestonExpressions brings together digital signage, media management and NFC technology into a simple plug and play device.



Founder(s): Sumit Pasupalak

Ubiq is a platform for transferring any kind of content between devices. It’s ideal for sharing presentations, videos, photos and files instantly from a mobile device to a larger screen, such as a smart TV, computer, tablet or laptop; or to easily move content from one device to another for people on the go. The beta launch of Ubiq apps for OS X and Android is planned for later this year.


Founder(s): Popy Dimoulas-Graham

An online volunteer solution for easily tracking, sharing and ranking experiences. Also, this month Charity Republic is launching, an education solution that enables students to track their volunteer and work activities and connect to opportunities in the community.

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Founder(s): Matthew Miner, Brad Keys

Lumos is a game analytics service providing developers with insight into performance and an overview of player engagement.



Founder(s): William Zhou, Suraj Srinivas, Ryan McKay-Fleming

Vetica is an online platform for teachers to streamline lesson plans, track curriculum standards, and collaborate with other teachers worldwide. In use today by over 15,000 teachers. Planboard is also recognized and endorsed by the David Suzuki Foundation, Discovery Education, and the Ontario Teachers’ Federation.



Founder(s): Emmanuel DeVries, Naman Kumar

AIRO is a health monitor that automatically keeps track of your nutrition intake, stress patterns, daily activity and sleep quality. AIRO take all this information and makes it easy for you to know what steps you can take to start living a healthier life.


Founder(s): Alroy Almeida, James Pickard, Jesus A Zozaya

Voltera is developing a printer that enables low-cost circuit boards to be prototyped within minutes, eliminating the frustrations with the traditional circuit board fabrication process.- just press print!



Founder(s): Sean Li, Michael Chiang, Jeffrey Morgan

A cloud based solution that offers software developers the ability to automatically set up and configure their entire development environment in the cloud allowing them to start building their web applications right away.

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Founder(s): Matin Esfahani, Hooman Safaee, Shafi Siddiqi, Mihail Vlascov

Lumotune produces nontraditional displays that are vibrant even in the brightest environments. Their displays can be scaled to be as small as a SIM card or as large as a side of the Empire State building. Employing a new class of nanomaterials delivers unparalleled performance which no commercial display has ever achieved. While most displays are produced in a small size-scale (monitors, TVs) and consume hundreds of watts, Lumotune is able to cover buildings with its displays without compensating for vibrancy at only milliwatts of power. The result – displays that can be placed on any surface and can be observed in any light setting.



Founder(s): Bryan Smith, Peter Kruzlics, Alex Wade, Rahul Kulkarni

TrendRadius offers customer feedback analytics that measure your product strategy.  Discover how to better retain current customers, acquire new customers, and guarantee your product-market fit.

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Founder(s): Ahmed Farra, Omar Qureshi

Planleaf is project management software that works right out of your inbox. With Planleaf you can now plan, organize and execute all of your work using email.



Founder(s): Matt Davidson, Kimbe MacMaster

Fides is a social media tool that uses predictive analytics to recommend better messages for a social audience.

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Founder(s): Kris Braun, Mike Braun, Cole Bassarab

Happenate is a social network for action, from parties to projects, in neighbourhoods, workplaces and around the world. Make group decisions, gather funds and volunteers, and share pictures and video of the results.

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Founder(s): Paul Donald, Christophe Biocca, Ronuk Raval

Encircle is reinventing the home inventory, with a simple photo-based inventory app and web site. You can also find manuals, support videos & troubleshooting guides for your appliances.

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velatron-logo copy

Founder(s): Piyush Kumar, Rohit Verma, Pratik Patel

A personalized tailor solution that helps you find the perfect fitting clothes online, every time. We make it easy for users to shop online and highly profitable for online retailers.

lightbotlogo copy

Founder(s): Danny Yaroslavski

LightBot is creating a suite of games which develop real Computer Science skills through game-based curriculum. Our big vision is to change the way kids learn programming, worldwide.


Founder(s): John Zupancic

An online service that makes it easy for bloggers, marketers, and publishers to create and manage engaging written content. When ideas dry up, Wriber supplies a fresh flow of topics to write about, then helps writers expand on and refine material as it is being written to ensure content is engaging and SEO-friendly.


Founder(s): Steven Wang, James Mclean, Vishnu Varadaraj

Homefed is a trusted intermediary that facilitates the discovery, booking, and payment of home cooked meals, food events, and edible goods. Homefed members can build connections over food and immerse themselves in culture. Whether you are a long time local or a traveller in a new city, Homefed makes it effortless to connect with each other over the love of home cooked food.

Palette Logo

Founder(s): Calvin Chu, Ashish Bidadi

Palette is the first freeform hardware interface. It is made up of modules, each with a physical slider, dial, or button. These modules are snapped together like Lego to create a custom controller for your most important software.

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Logo - NBG

Founder(s): Ian Tao

Sesame IO is a free service that enables teachers to collaboratively capture student work, track assessments and plan lessons in one place. We connect all of the little everyday things to help teachers make each student’s learning journey visible.

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umentioned logo black

Founder(s): Henry Shi

uMentioned is a college-based social network that allows you to share your anonymous stories with your friends and peers nearby and react to the latest stories unfolding around you.


servicedodo for website

Founder(s): Kumar Erramilli, Shane Son Kee

ServiceDoDo works with Independent Contractors to provide immediate, high quality service for Home Owners for common household emergency repairs including: Appliances, Plumbing, Electrical, Heating & Cooling and Locksmith services. ServiceDoDo Premium Plan offers peace of mind to Home Owners for an annual membership fee that covers their home all year round.



Founder(s): Krzysztof Pietroszek

Everyslide makes every slide interactive. Our goal is to revolutionize presentations by providing a simple yet useful tool for interaction between the audience and the presenter. We believe that you, a business professional, educator, or executive have little extra time to spare, and have already put a lot of effort into creating presentations. Our goal is to help you engage your audience with interactivity in the simplest, most effective way possible. Simply upload a static slide and, within seconds, existing materials are transformed into clickable, interactive content, synched in real time with any mobile phone, tablet or laptop.


Vidyard Logo Black

Founder(s): Michael Litt, Devon Galloway

Vidyard helps professionals put video on their websites. Users can import, customize and analyze their videos through a simple web application. Videos can then be viewed through either a landing page or embeddable player, and Vidyard includes social sharing tools to encourage viewers to share the video through social channels.



Founder(s): Mike McCauley, Aditya Bali, Jay Shah

Unattended delivery and pick-up is the missing link in today’s parcel delivery and online shopping process. BufferBox is developing and deploying automated self-serve kiosks to allow consumers to retrieve parcels from convenient locations on their schedule, 24hrs/day.



Founder(s): Stephen Lake, Aaron Grant, Matt Bailey

Thalmic Labs is a rapidly growing company that’s dedicated to the development of gesture control, wearable technology and human-computer interaction.



Founder(s): Hongwei Liu, Mitchell Butler, Leander Lee

MappedIn brings interactive technology to brick and mortar locations making indoor navigation fun and simple. They created an interactive indoor navigation system available as a mobile app or touchscreen kiosk. Over 100,000 active monthly users to date. Current customers include the University of Waterloo, Casino Rama, Sheraton Toronto, and Conestoga Mall.



Founder(s): Jesse Guild, Duncan McDowell, Josh Wright, Jordan Clark

B2B SaaS platform for unifying workflows.



Founder(s): E. Aboyeji, Ian Carnevale

Fora provides digital educational content for universities and corporations in Africa, with course content developed by the world’s leading experts from the top universities in Canada and the U.S. 300 courses are currently available in the Fora catalog and 9 pilot projects are underway in Nigeria. Founders Iyinoluwa Aboyeji and Ian Carnevale combined have 7+ years of experience building education-based startups.


Founder(s): Stavros Rougas, Ebrahim Ashrafizadeh

Media Spot Me connects journalists with subject matter experts. They have developed a partnership with the Canadian Digital Media Network (CDMN) so that all members and people affiliated with CDMN will create profiles on Media Spot Me (, which may lead to an initial focus on the tech sector.



Founder(s): Fahad Siddiqui

The Display Rack is a shopper’s companion website for finding products in a hurry at nearby stores. Customers can search and compare across a network of more than 250 US retailers, including Walmart, Best Buy, Home Depot and Costco to name a few.


Maluuba Logo

Founder(s): Sam Pasupalak, Joshua Pantony, Zhiyuan Wu

Maluuba’s mission is to empower people to find exactly what they want by having a conversation with their smart phone. Maluuba’s proprietary, patent-pending natural language search engine provides a vastly improved voice recognition and language based search tool. The Maluuba engine is the product of advanced research in artificial intelligence, machine learning, linguistics and human computer interaction, performed at the University of Waterloo.


Jingu logo

Founder(s): Theban Ganesh, Hossam Bahlool, Pankaj Gogia

Jingu Apps builds social applications that make any mobile chat experience more fun. The app portfolio currently includes apps like Jingu Friends, Jingu Avatars, Jingu Smileys, and Jingu Text.


Pair Logo

Founder(s): Oleg Kostour, Anton Krutiansky, Jamie Murai

Pair is the easiest way to stay in touch with the person you love, making it easy to share the little things in life with each other. It creates a timeline just for the two of you, where you can post cute video messages and photos that no one else will see. You can also chat, share sketches, share your location, and even let your partner know that you’re thinking of them with just the push of a button. Pair recently acquired Cupple and has become Couple.



Founder(s): Fraser Harris

Willet believe’s that all social browsers have hidden intentions to make purchases. Willet uses the web and users online behaviours to help retailers discover these intentions turn social browsers into shoppers.


Kira Talent Logo

Founder(s): Emilie Cushman, Konrad Listwan-Ciesielski

Kira Talent allows employers to interview hundreds of job applicants in minutes. Managers record video questions, applicants respond back with timed video answers and managers can rate, share and compare applicants with their teams.