Velocity Residence

Located in the Minota Hagey Residence on the University of Waterloo campus.


The Velocity Residence provides a unique opportunity for University of Waterloo students to live in an innovative and entrepreneurial environment right on campus. Students are given access to the latest technologies and the opportunity to learn from a great network of mentors and entrepreneurs. You don’t need an idea or team to apply, you just need to be passionate about entrepreneurship.

What we’re looking for:

  • Students who are looking for an environment that fosters collaboration and creativity.
  • Ambitious, creative students who are interested in being entrepreneurs.
  • Students who enjoy working on side projects.
  • Students from all faculties and programs.

What you’ll get:

Access to people and companies that can help you grow and take your ideas to the next level including industry leaders and entrepreneurs.

The opportunity to collaborate with the best students in various complementary disciplines and the chance to live and work in a residence facility like no other.

Access to the latest technology including the Thalmic Labs Myo, Oculus Rift, 3D printer, tablets and smartphone devices.

An amazing Velocity Bootcamp the first week of the term helps you find a team and a project to work on, build on your ideas, and get started building your business.

A weekly dinner with a startup founder who will give insight into starting a business with an opportunity for questions after the talk and dinner provided. You’ll also have access to micro-funding to help you move ahead with your project or company.


1. Interest in Startups

Students must have a keen interest in starting up a company.

2. Academic Standing

Students must be in satisfactory academic standing.

3. Undergraduate Year

Students must be enrolled in second year or above (some exceptions have been made for 1B students).

4. School Attendance

Students must either be enrolled in a full-time academic term or co-op term.


  • Returning Velocity students are welcome.
  • Graduate students are welcome.


Residents of Velocity will be required to sign four-month residence contracts.

Students are free to re-apply for subsequent terms for as long as they are registered UW students.

For fee information, please visit the University of Waterloo’s Housing site.


Q: I’m concerned about my grades being affected by living in the Velocity Residence and working on my startup while I’m in school. Is there a lot of pressure to be working on my business? What are the expectations?

A: Living in the Velocity Residence is what you make of it. We understand that you’re in school and are busy, but we also want to make sure you’re making use of the resources available to you. Attending our bi-weekly dinners when you can, participating in “Bootcamp Week” in the evenings during the first week of classes, and completing biweekly status reports are a good way to do this.

Q: Can I live in residence if I’m on a co-op term?

A: Yes. If you have been placed in a job and it’s located in Waterloo Region or if you’re willing to commute.