Velocity Science

Located in the Earth Sciences and Chemistry building (ESC 319) on campus at the University of Waterloo, Velocity Science is a partnership between Velocity and the University of Waterloo Faculty of Science, providing students interested in building a science startup with the right tools and resources to initiate and develop world-class science companies.

Students working in Velocity Science

Velocity Science is a unique program that is set apart from other labs for science entrepreneurs.

We provide teams with mentorship from successful entrepreneurs and world-renowned scientists, as well as opportunities to collaborate with peers and share knowledge and expertise.

Additionally, there are workshops and sessions to help students come up with ideas and form teams.

The discovery space includes wet lab access, high-tech equipment, technical resources and basic consumables that students can use to develop, test and implement their startup ideas.

As with all Velocity workspaces and discovery spaces, companies and teams are encouraged to solve problems collaboratively, share ideas and contribute to the startup community by mentoring others.

The lab is located in the Earth Science and Chemistry (ESC) building on-campus, in ESC 319, while the Velocity Science companies’ office is in ESC 318, and Science advisors’ office is located in ESC 317. If you have any questions about the program, don’t hesitate to email us

Apply to Velocity Science


1. UW Affiliation

At least one co-founder of the company must be a University of Waterloo student or otherwise affiliated (e.g. undergraduate student, graduate student, postdoctoral fellow, professor). Teams will be evaluated based on their background, skill, and ability to work effectively together.

2. Laboratory Safety

It is important that all members in Velocity Science adhere to the safety regulations set out by the Safety Office. This ranges from wearing proper clothing (PPEs) to waste disposal. Prior to starting work in the lab, all members must complete all the safety training required.

3. Contribution to the Startup Community

We want to encourage a grassroots community that helps each other, mentors startups and contributes to the broader startup ecosystem in the Waterloo region. You have to be willing to take part!

4. Progress

Startups will meet regularly with the Velocity team to provide an update on the current state of their business. Teams will be expected to make progress towards self-created objectives each month to ensure they’re using their time and the space effectively.

5. Business Concept and Opportunity

Teams will be asked to provide an overview of their business concept including the problem their startup solves, their potential target market and an understanding of the market opportunity. We recognize that ideas and projects develop substantially over time. If you’ve applied and did not get in on your first attempt, we encourage you to apply again using the same process.