Velocity Workspaces

For creating successful startups and a successful startup ecosystem, it is imperative that students and alumni have the support and guidance needed to grow ideas into true businesses.

Velocity has built programs to enhance the startup support ecosystem by providing peer-community based workspaces, a mentor network, connections to a large investor network and access to a broader ecosystem of services for startups.

Velocity Workspaces:

The Velocity Garage and the Velocity Foundry are workspaces for startups that are provided for free, and that offer a peer community for problem-solving and idea-sharing, a mentor network of successful professionals in areas such as HR, Legal, Marketing and Sales.

Velocity Garage is dedicated to software startups. At any time more than 30 companies operate from the Velocity Garage, which is located in the Tannery District in Kitchener and provides direct access to programs offered by the community such as Communitech’s Startup Services.

Velocity Foundry is a workspace dedicated to hardware, life sciences and materials sciences startups. More than 30 companies are building their businesses and creating their physical products on-site.