The Velocity Garage is a place like no other…

At nearly 37,000 square feet, the Velocity Garage provides a home base for startups building cutting-edge technology in the heart of Waterloo Region.

Companies who are accepted into the Velocity Garage are given workspace, access to a mentor network, and introductions to investors who will help build their business. Facilities offered by the Garage include a science lab, assembly space, workshop, and prototyping lab, as well as a small fitness room and basketball court. And it’s all free. Velocity does not charge rent or take equity from companies. As with all Velocity programs, companies and teams are encouraged to solve problems collaboratively, share ideas and contribute to the startup community by mentoring others.

Companies operating in the Velocity Garage quickly become part of the Velocity ecosystem. The energy is infectious and provides an environment of creativity married with industriousness that is unmatched in Canada today. Velocity companies are creating viable products that solve real problems and they are learning how to make money and create new revenue opportunities to build a viable business.

Apply to the Velocity Garage

Come and see first-hand what Velocity Garage is all about. Request a tour.


1. Team

Our main audience is current University of Waterloo students and alumni, however we will consider exceptional applicants with different backgrounds. Teams will be evaluated based on their background, skill, and ability to work effectively together, and the team should have 10 people or less.

2. Revenue

Your startup should be generating less than $250,000 in annual revenue.

3. Contribution to the Startup Community

We want to encourage a grassroots community that helps each other, mentors startups and contributes to the broader startup ecosystem in the Waterloo region. You have to be willing to take part!

4. Progress

Startups will meet regularly with the Velocity team to provide an update on the current state of their business. Teams will be expected to make progress towards self-created objectives monthly to ensure they’re using their time and the space effectively.

5. Business Concept and Opportunity

Teams will be asked to provide an overview of their business concept including the problem(s) their startup solves, their potential target market(s) and an understanding of the market opportunity.

We recognize that ideas and projects develop substantially over time. If you’ve applied and did not get in on your first attempt, we encourage you to apply again.